CAD CAM Equipment

Scanning, Designing & Milling

​ADT has been very involved with innovation in dental technology.

​We have adapted our manufacturing to include various input and output devices into our workflow which eliminated many analog and chemical-based processes. By integrating the latest technology into our production we have seen great improvement in consistency and accuracy. Digital manufacturing also enables a more rapid turnaround time.

This page contains some of the information on many of the systems we have embraced.

Model & Impression Scanners

3Shape D2000

Medit Identica Hybrid
The 3Shape  and Medit Identica scanners are used to create a 3D digital file of models or impressions for CAD design.
​These systems enable us to design models, crowns, bridges, frameworks, custom implant abutments and overdenture bars. 

Design Software

3Shape Design

Exocad Design

3Shape and Exocad are the engine of the design of nearly every restoration provided by ADT. This sophisticated CAD software provides our dental technicians all the tools to design everything from a post and core to full mouth implant supported restorations. 
ADT has a proprietary anatomic tooth form library that provides designers with great initial proposals.

Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine

The Roland DWX-50 milling machine is an innovative mill designed specifically for dentistry. This mill provides all the necessary functionality and accuracy to meet the demands needed to produce high quality dental restorations.

imes-icore 450i Milling Machine

German-engineered and built for precision dental applications.

  • 5-Axis wet milling 
  • Mills Titanium, CrCo & Ceramics
  • This mill facilitates e.max and priticrown

3D Model Printer


Printed Model from Form2

Thanks to these 3D printers from Formlabs, ADT can now take your digital impressions and print models in-house, saving you both cost and time. Model printing turnaround is only 1 day, which allows us to start manufacturing the restoration as early as the day after the patient is scanned.