Full Zirconia

Full Zirconia

ADT offers 2 different Full Zirconia materials for you to choose the best option for your patient: ADT Multi-layered FZ & Ultra Translucent FZ. Click the button below to learn more about our Full Zirconia options.

We currently offer 2 types of materials of Full Zirconia

ADT Multi-Layered FZ

ADT Multi-Layered FZ  (or ADT FZ) is milled from the highest quality multi-layered disks manufactured in Japan.

ADT FZ is strong and ideal for posterior crowns and bridges, yet still considerably more translucent than other monochromatic zirconia materials.

At 1100 MPa flexural strength we are able to guarantee full contour crowns against breakage for life.

Ultra Translucent fz

ADT Ultra Translucent FZ (or ADT UT) is a new generation of zirconia that boasts in its strength and translucency!

With the translucent and esthetic qualities of natural dentition and pressed ceramics, ADT UT is perfect for all highly esthetic treatments in anterior tooth region as well as for use in the posterior tooth region.