Izir Crowns

Izir Crowns​

  • Limits necessary parts
  • Eliminates intraoral cemetation
  • Saves labor
  • Cost effective
  • Titanium interface with implant
  • Titanium screw seat
  • Offers easy retrievability
  • 1100MPA flexure strength
  • No chipping of layered ceramics
  • Monolithic zirconia
  • Multi-shaded for high esthetic


  • Implant supported restorations
  • Subgingival implants
  • When retrievability is preferred

Filling screw ​Access Holes​

You can view a great video on filling screw access holes in screw-retained implant supported restorations. When providing this service there is no longer any esthetic compromise. Simply click the arrow on the photo to the right.