Izir: Screw-Retained Restorations

Izir: Screw-Retained Restorations

Why choose screw-retained full zirconia?

​Izir crowns and bridges are designed by our expert implant technicians using an award-winning zirconia and precision-machined, FDA approved titanium insert for implant connector. Manufacturing only one part leads to a cost-effective solution with superior estheticshigh strength, and easy retrievability.

Izir Crowns

Screw-retained full zirconia crown for a faster, more affordable restoration with easy retrievability.

Izir Bridges

Screw-retained full zirconia bridge with time-tested clinical and laboratory protocols. Automated manufacturing results in an even more cost-effective solution and storage of digital design files allows for a faster revisions, or remakes at a fraction of the cost, if necessary.