Obtaining the Centric Registration

Obtaining the Centric Registration

Obtaining the exact vertical is considerably more difficult on implants than natural teeth.
​As an aid to obtaining proper vertical we have an inventory of Implant Bite Post™

How it Works

“Simply injecting bite registration material over soft tissue or underexposed healing heads is not acceptable. The bite registration is not accurate in capturing soft tissue detail and the tissue compression during the final impression will not be mimicked in the inter-occlusal registration. The impact of such an error can be catastrophic. “
Dr. Jeff Rouse Compendium 2008

  1. Screw correct Implant Bite post in place with hex driver.
  2. Use high consistency polyvinylsiloxan type bite material like Jet BiteTM by Coltene-Whaledent
  3. Inject Jet Bite around Implant Bite posts.
  4. Casts are fabricated, bite is trimmed and models are mounted.
  5. Final mounting

Available Interfaces for Implant Bite Posts

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