Digital Dentures

Our cutting-edge Printed Digital Dentures, crafted with Carbon technology, ensure unparalleled precision for a perfect fit.  Our digital dentures are fabricated using Lucitone resin and  IPN 3D teeth all printe using the latest Carbon technology. This process guarantees increased comfort and ideal esthetics, providing a natural and beautiful smile.

The Lucitone resin is body-activated which ensures a two-fold increase in fracture resistance which makes our digital dentures among the most robust removable solutions in the marketplace today.

Experience the innovation at ADT Dental Lab – where precision, comfort, and durability redefine the future of removables. Your smile, perfected


Dentures have been added to our portfolio using a denture acrylic made by GC that gives a highly aesthetic look to any gum shade and has strength you can rely on.
If you have a denture that is cracked or broken we also offer denture repairs.

Partial Dentures

ADT’s Flexible partial dentures are created with a material called Duraflex. This is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable but also easy to adjust and polish. These partials are thin and translucent so they almost disappear in the mouth. Other benefits for this material is it does not absorb moisture, won’t stain, and is odor resistant.

Cast Partial Dentures

ADT’s Cast partial dentures are created using an alloy called Vitallium. This alloy has superior strength with a high surface luster. This material is also bio-compatible and is resistant to corrosion. 

Bar Over Denture 

Bar over dentures provide the secure fit of implant secured dentures. The dentures are easy to remove to clean and when seated they sit snugly in place without the mess of adhesive material.

The dentures attach to a thin metal bar which follows the natural curve of the jawbone and is held in place with titanium dental implants. Attachments are fitted to the denture to allow it to slip over and clip securely into place with the bar. As a result there is very little space between the jawbone and the bar once your bar over denture is removed.