Welcome! You have landed at one of the most progressive dental laboratories in the US. ​Advanced Dental Technologies has been involved in state-of-the-art products and services for decades.

Digital Dentistry

We are your innovative resource. Check out how our digital advancements ensure superior restorations for every case.

Enhance Your Implant Procedures with Our Superior Izir® Bridges
Experience Unmatched Precision and Comfort with Our Advanced Digital Dentures
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The ADT Legacy

Pioneering Dental Excellence

Welcome to Advanced Dental Technologies, your destination for cutting-edge dental solutions in the United States! With a rich history spanning decades, our commitment to state-of-the-art products and services has positioned us as one of the most progressive dental laboratories in the nation.

When it comes to tackling the most intricate cases, Advanced Dental Technologies employs time-tested protocols to ensure success in every instance. Our impeccable manufacturing processes guarantee outstanding results, and in 2011, we expanded our capabilities with an impressive 8,000 sq ft automated manufacturing facility. This strategic investment allows us to deliver state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at affordable prices, facilitating improved communication and faster manufacturing cycles through automation.

Digital Excellence

Choose a Lab Backed by Advanced Technology

In today’s rapidly digitizing world, everything from dental restorations to practice-lab relationships is drastically changing. At Advanced Dental Technologies, we want to ensure that we stay at the forefront of all advancements while maintaining personal and effective customer service. Our team wholeheartedly embraces the latest technologies, materials, and processes, which means that you and your patient are always getting the best restoration possible. When you partner with Advanced Dental Technologies, you are choosing a team that is constantly growing with the industry. 

Choose Superior Products

Expertly Crafted and Digitally Backed

The team at ADT skillfully crafts fixed, implant, and removable restorations. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering as we blend expert craftsmanship and precision in digital dentistry. We proudly present top-notch, made-in-America quality.

Select from a variety of industry-standard restorations, such as metal-based crown and bridge options, or elevate each case with aesthetically pleasing alternatives like anterior zirconia. At ADT, we recognize the uniqueness of every case and customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of your patients, ensuring the perfect fit and optimal satisfaction.



PMMA Temporaries



Custom Abutments
Screw-Retained Crowns
Screw-Retained Bridges



Full Dentures
Bar Over Denture

Partner with a Dedicated Dental Lab

We Accept Traditional and Digital Cases

At Advanced Dental Technologies, we’re dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free process for submitting your cases. Whether you opt for traditional or digital impressions, we’ve got you covered. Our website features a straightforward case submission process that allows you to download Rx forms, schedule local pickups, upload case files, and check estimated return dates—all conveniently accessible from your computer or mobile device. Your convenience is our priority, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end. Simplify your case submissions today by exploring our user-friendly website and utilizing our easy-to-navigate tools for a smooth and efficient process. Trust us to handle your cases with care, whether they are traditional or digital, providing you with a stress-free experience you can depend on.

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