Remake Policy

Remake Policy

-Effective 9/01/2022-

At Advanced Dental Technologies our goal is to meet both our own exceptional quality and esthetic standards, and your satisfaction completely. We are proud to stand behind our work and the products we provide to our doctors. If our product is less than 100% satisfactory to you or to the patient please send it back to us for a repair or a remake. We are thankful for the opportunity to have the case back to make it better until you are completely satisfied. Within the guidelines below, we are happy to provide a free remake for five (5) years from the invoice date. All repairs are complimentary and covered under ADT Warranty.

To qualify for a free remake:

  1. The original restoration, impression and model must be returned to ADT. If not returned, a full charge for a new restoration will be incurred. If the original restoration is being used as a temporary, the remake case will be fully charged and will be credited once the original restoration is returned with a valid remake reason according to our terms below.
  2. A clear reason for remake must be stated on the prescription.
  3. The account must be in good standing. Past due bills must be paid before any free remake cases can be processed.
  4. ADT must be given the opportunity to assess whether a repair/adjustment is sufficient before remaking the case.

Cases are NOT eligible for ADT’s free remake policy if:

  1. ADT inquired about the integrity of the margin, impression, or accuracy of model or bite registration and requested a new one but was instructed to proceed with the provided materials. In such instances, ADT can only guarantee our restoration to fit what we are provided with and not necessarily in the patient’s mouth. Similarly, if the margin is trimmed by the doctor we can only guarantee our restoration to fit that die.
  2. A different shade, product or design instruction is given for a remake case. A discount for the remake case may be given depending on the case.
  3. The restoration is misplaced or swallowed. A discount for the remake case may be given depending on the case.
  4. A new impression is taken or the prep has been altered.
  5. ADT requested a try-in but was instructed to proceed and go to finish.
  6. Framework or bisque-bake was tried-in, approved, and returned to ADT for completion, and the finished case comes back for remake due to fit issue.
  7. An E.MAX maryland bridge was fabricated. We do not warranty E.MAX maryland bridges.
  8. ADT contacted the doctor to communicate that we do not recommend the requested material on the given case, and the doctor requested to proceed with the doctor’s requested material.
  9. Restoration fails due to accident, changes in tissue or bone structure, or additional tooth loss.
  10. It is a Full zirconia bridges over 8 units. Full zirconia bridges of 8 units or over are covered under the same terms but for only one (1) year from the invoice date.
  11. An implant crown needs to be remade due to a failed implant. The implant needs to be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation and refund of the whole fabrication (including abutment + crown). ADT will not provide a free remake on failed implants.

Advanced Dental Technologies can amend the remake policy at its discretion and without notification